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Well Tanks

If you rely on a well for the household water supply to your Connecticut home, you need a well tank that works efficiently. If it malfunctions, it can prevent you from receiving an adequate water supply. At Gottier Plumbing & Heating, our plumbing professionals perform well tank repair and replacement services to ensure you have continued access to the water you need.

Residential Well Tanks

A well water delivery system is a bit more complicated than some people imagine. When you have a well on your property, you also have a well tank. The tank is a two-chamber system designed to release water when you need it.

One chamber stores water. The other is pressurized to force water out of the tank and into your home. A rubber or plastic diaphragm separates the two chambers to prevent the water and air from mixing.

Well tanks perform several key tasks to ensure that your home has a constant supply of water.

  • Helps maintain consistent water pressure
  • Reduces pump wear and tear by reducing its workload
  • Minimizes the risk of sudden pressure surges (water hammer)
  • Stores a supply of water that serves as a backup if your well pump fails

When well tanks stop functioning properly, they can take on too much water and become waterlogged. This can cause your water pump to cycle excessively. The increased workload usually contributes to wear and tear, and premature pump failure.

Well Tank Service

When your well water supply system malfunctions, it reduces your water supply and affects your daily routine. When you contact Gottier Plumbing & Heating, we inspect your well and assess potential problems with your well tank.

  • Determine if the air pressure is appropriate
  • Check for improper cycling
  • Evaluate the chambers for the correct air-to-water percentage
  • Inspect the diaphragm for signs of wear and tear
  • Determine if your tank needs flushing to eliminate sediment
  • Determine if your pressure switch is functioning properly

Repair or Replacement

When possible, we repair well tanks to restore their functionality. If necessary, we recommend replacements. We discuss your needs and install a well tank with the capacity and features to meet your household needs.

  • We determine the appropriate well tank size and type (Air-over-water, Diaphragm, Bladder)
  • We obtain any necessary permits
  • We install your well tank in compliance with Connecticut State Building codes and Department of Public Health codes
  • We inspect and test our installation
  • Our professional reviews well tank maintenance procedures and answers any questions

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When you call Gottier Plumbing & Heating, we arrive ready to meet all of your plumbing needs. We maintain high standards, and we give our customers the quality service they deserve.

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