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Gas Piping

When you need new gas lines installed on your property, you can’t afford to take chances. You need a qualified professional with a strong reputation and credentials that confirm their expertise. At Gottier Plumbing & Heating, we are seasoned professionals. When we install gas piping on your property, we commit to quality, workmanship, and safety.

Residential Gas Piping

Gas piping delivers fuel from a gas supply to furnaces, water heaters, and other gas-powered home fixtures. When properly installed, it creates a safe, simple distribution system for an otherwise volatile substance. Because of safety concerns, only a skilled professional should install your line, connect it to your gas source, and establish connections inside your home.

Gas Piping Services

You don’t usually think about piping until something goes wrong or you decide you need a change. When you contact Gottier Plumbing & Heating, we complete the professional services you require.

gas piping
gas piping

Repair and Replacement

The gas piping that services your home can last for decades, but sometimes it requires repair or replacement. Its life expectancy depends on the material, metal gauge, and pipe quality.

Eventually, all gas piping systems show signs of wear. This often occurs due to ongoing exposure to environmental moisture, chemicals, and other substances. Gas piping can also sustain damage from unexpected events, and sometimes connections and parts simply wear out over time. Your system may require repair or replacement if you notice any of these signs.

  • A rotten egg smell in or around your home
  • A hissing or bubbling noise as a damaged line leaks gas
  • Dropping gas pressure
  • Gas-fueled systems or appliances that operate inefficiently
  • Dying grass or plants near an outdoor line
  • You develop headaches or other symptoms

When gas piping leaks, it can cause sickness and property damage. Until we can resolve your problem, we may recommend prudent moves that will keep you safe.

  • Shut off your gas supply if possible
  • Contact your gas supplier/utility company
  • Temporarily relocate your family to a safe place
  • Contact us to evaluate the problem


Our professionals install new gas piping systems when an existing system requires replacement or when a homeowner chooses to switch from a different energy option. We also work with new home design-build teams when home plans designate gas as an energy source. Our team completes the following services.

  • Determine the type of piping and gas line layout
  • Obtain appropriate state and local installation permits
  • Obtain approval from your local utility company
  • Cut pipe and thread ends as necessary for connections
  • Install piping in compliance with Connecticut building codes
  • Establish connections between gas source, meters, and fixtures
  • Test gas line integrity
  • Comply with any inspection requirements before turning on the gas

Our professionals assist designers from planning through final inspections.  We prepare for each job, supply materials and parts, and complete the installation steps to create a functional gas distribution system.

Why Choose Us?

At Gottier Plumbing & Heating, we have the expertise and the experience to install safe, structurally sound gas piping. When you have an emergency, we answer your call 24/7, and we complete the work as quickly as possible. We maintain high standards, and we are dedicated to providing exemplary customer service.

  • Connecticut-licensed professionals
  • Obtain required permits
  • Employee background, and drug checks
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Uncomplicated pricing
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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